Coach Anita will help you identify your goals and eradicate the barriers that are standing in the way of you being able to achieve them.





Anita Laruy has obtained both a Bachelor’s Degree from the City College of New York and a Juris Doctor from the Interamerican University’s School of Law.  She was certified as a Life Coach at the Coach Training Alliance.  She has been employed in the private and public sectors as a Lawyer, Lobbyist and Administrator.  For the last ten years she has successfully served clients through her coaching practice.  What makes this coach special is her wealth of knowledge and the fact that she is fully bilingual.  Anita speaks, reads and writes Spanish fluently.

As your coach, Anita becomes your mentor and motivator.  She will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can become focused and empowered.   She will also help you identify and eliminate the obstacles that are not permitting you to achieve your personal, professional or business goals.  As your partner in this coaching journey, she will guide you in creating an action plan that will lead to your taking the proper steps to achieve your success.
Life is unpredictable and change can be a wonderful process, and you don’t have to go through it alone.  Anita believes that the dream is in you, and she just helps you to make it a reality.


Coach Anita is a firm believer in giving back to one’s community. At present, Coach Anita is actively involved in the following organizations: Member, International Coach Federation; President, The Entrepreneur Club; Vice President, Board of Governors, North Vista Hospital; Member, Executive Board, Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada; Director, Government Affairs, Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada. In the past, she has been involved in over 25 organizations in New York and Nevada.


Coaching has become the leading tool that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. It is a co-creative relationship that is established between the client and the Coach. It is based on trust, honesty, and accountability and is results oriented. It centers on where the client is at present and what actions they are willing to take to reach their future goals. I invite you to schedule a sample session to see if I am the right person to take you to the finish line.

Find a New Normal

Life is about changing and evolving every aspect of you

Stronger Sense Of Belief

There are things that we WANT to do. Let me help you find the strength inside yourself to succeed.

Get Creative

When you start to look at problems from another perspective, you get solutions that you would have never thought about.

Become Accountable

When you own a business you have no one to report to, yet accountability is what your business lives on.

Karla Kwist

Hello my name is Karla Kwist, and I am here to endorse Anita Luruy. I met Anita several years ago and she took me from just ideas spinning in the air, to ideas put on paper and actually worked as my coach mentoring through publishing a book and acting as my Editor. Actually, my book is now on Amazon so from nothing to glory.

Evelyn Ramos

Hi, my name is Evelyn. I have known Anita Laruy for a very long time. Anita was my mentor in college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and has been a mentor and friend since then. I am now a proud business owner and I have to say I owe a lot of it to Anita’s support, encouragement and advice. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to improve his/her life professionally and personally.

Christine Villoso

I was Anita’s client a few years ago, and I want to say that she is a wonderful life coach.  I worked with her when I was going through some difficult changes in my personal and professional life.  She helped me to figure out what paths I should take and how to reach my goals.  If there is anything that you are trying to accomplish and don’t know how to do it, I recommend that you work with Anita and she will help you figure
out what to do next.  I must say that she has become a wonderful friend of mine, and she is a great coach.

Evi Paolillo

Hello! I have known Anita for many years, she has been my personal coach and has become my personal friend, which is a great honor to have. She is awesome, I highly recommend her if you want a personal coach who will keep you on your track. Sometimes we do gear off on our track to reach our goal and Anita will make sure you reach your goal and make you accountable, which is a good thing to have. I highly recommend that you work with Anita as you will not be disappointed in her professionalism.

Christine Maguire

I was a client of Anita Laruy and what a great experience I had! She is a great coach, she comes right beside you and encourages you. If you are looking for someone to be a team partner with, Anita is your gal. She keeps you accountable, she holds you to your objectives, and she steers you in the right path. I highly encourage you to use Anita as your life coach and she will do a great job with you, thank you!


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